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Volunteer Program

Every one can volunteer anytime, anywhere, and in any way.



College student volunteer:
Tutoring, Event assistant, Health clinic assistant, Guardian for disabled elders, and assistance of senior centers

Adult Volunteers:
Bathing service, Weekend farm assistant, Ride service, Tutoring, Food services, and Donations

Elder Volunteers:
Services for environment, society, culture, and education of the community

Expert volunteer:
Improvement of living environment, Hair & beauty service, and Medical service

Educational Programs


Sun Class
Preparation for elementary school and various programs for developing a whole self image

Moon Class:
Development of physical, emotional, and intellectual potential appropriate to individual child

Star Class:
Development of stable and emotional child through interaction with peers and teachers

Volunteers and Supporters Invited


Teenagers, College students, and Adults health care volunteer for the old, Volunteer expert

Methods of Support:
Affiliated Support, General Support, Donation, CMS, and Giro

- Account for Affiliated Supporters: 01324-12-006737, Nungin Credit Union, Nungin Welfare Services Center
- Account for General Supporters: 01324-12-010934, Nungin Credit Union, Nungin Welfare Services Center
- Account for CMS: 01324-12-010350, Nungin Credit Union, Nungin Welfare Services Center
- Giro No.: 7645112

For more information, please call at 571-2988 or 577-5800, ext) 219.