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General Welfare Program

This Program provides aid to the society members who are on the social welfare program,
low income families, single parent families, disabled families, elders, and all those of the local community
(Gaepo 1 to 4-dongs and Poi-dong) that is in need of help.
The Program provides them with human & material resources,
and promotes self-help in order for them to return to productive & independent members of the society.

Operation Plan


Support Program:
Donations, Nungin food bank, Low income children lunch, School uniform donation Program, and Food stamps

Home Services:
Free meals, Grocery assistance, Cleaning service, Laundry service,
Hair & beauty service, Bathing service, Free optical service, Preparation service for warm winter,
and Nungin One Heart Family Volunteer Group

Emotional Support Services:
Birthday Parties for the Elderly, Greeting Call, Holiday Support, 80th Birthday Party,
Carnation for Parents Day, and Excursion for the Elderly and Disabled

Medical Services:
Visit Care, Ophthalmology, Dentistry, Otolaryngology, Oriental Medicine Services,
Connecting home-alone elders with doctors, and Visit for Cancer Check

Self Dependence Program:
Support for the low income family, Free ride support, Artificial limb support,
and Self-support for conditional welfare beneficiaries

After School Classes:
Study & Emotional Support, Special & Group Activities, Dinner & Health Support, Excursions, and Camp Activities