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Community Welfare Program

This Program is to improve the welfare level of the community through procuring human and
material resources in coordination with other governmental and private organizations.
The Program is to help the community members to resolve various community problems independently.

Operation Plan


Community Care:
Medical Services (Healthcare Center, Free Treatment Tour, and Oriental Medicine Treatment)

Care services:
Free Hair & Beauty Services

Temporary Protection Services:
Shelter for handicapped elders, ¡°Nungin Elders' Home¡±

Community Systemization & Education:
Activities for Community Members (Yoga, Chinese Character, Reading, College Student Clubs),
Volunteer Center for the Elderly, Sharing Happiness Project, and Growing Love Together Project

Construction of the Welfare Network:
Meetings of Community Elders, Meetings of Community Representatives,
Seminars for Community Members, and Meetings of Facility Managers

Improvement of Community Welfare:
Nungin Cultural Fair
(Children¡¯s Day Activity, Nungin Event for the Elderly, Nungin Fund Raising Event, and Concert),
and Revitalization of the Elders Center