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Family Welfare Program

Family Welfare Program is to help the family in trouble to cope with their individual difficulties.
It consists of consulting emotional stress and find a solution for
their problems in order to improve their quality of life.

Operation Plan


Family Relation Improvement Plan:
Happy Counseling Center (tax matters, legal matters, religious matters, family crises and others),
Parental Education, and Family Crisis Help Program

Family Function Complement Plan:
Home School Operation (Youth volunteer center, Youth club, Voluntary holidays for
elementary students, and Future career counseling), Class for students of low income families
"Hope Study Class,ˇ± and Children sharing their dreams ˇ°Happy Smileˇ±

Family Problem Resolution & Cure Plan:
Drug Prevention for Youth, Children Development Center
(Play treatment, Language Treatment, Recognition treatment, Swimming Class, and Psychological analysis)

Self-support Plan:
Self-dependence Aid for the underprivileged, Care Welfare Worker Training Course