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Diamond Society

Diamond Society is a group mainly consisted of the graduates of evening classes of
Nungin School of Buddhist Studies.
The Society is managed by Chairman, Vice-Chairman, Leader of Wise (Hyun) Dharma Instructor groups,
True Love Mission Group, and other members consisted of Vice-chairman positions in Nungin Sunwon.


The Society is alumni union of Nungin School. The main purpose is to promote friendship and help each other.
The Society is a key group of Nungin Sunwon, and actively participates in the
propagation and service activities of Nungin Sunwon for advancement of Buddhism.

Main Activities

- Assistance and preparation for the Evening Class of Nungin School of Buddhist Studies,
  Sutra Seminars, Nungin Advance School of Buddhist Studies, and other activities.
- Auxiliary services such as transportation, parking, security, etc.
- Planning for the long range perspective of Nungin Sunwon
- Assistance for globalization of Nungin Sunwon.
- Assistance in many programs and training activities of Guknyung Temple.

For more information, please call at 82-2-577-5800, ext) 293 and 227.