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YBA (Young Buddha Association): Leading Youth Education and International Cooperation

¡°Young Buddha Opening the Door of Hope¡±

¡°We Open the Future of Korean Buddhism¡±

Buddha taught Truth to a young man named Yasha who was wandering,
and led him to be a believer in Buddhism.
Later, all the members of his family joined and played a vital role in making the foundation of Buddhism.
When the youths come, the foundation of Buddhism will grow stronger.
YBA intends to open the future of Korean Buddhism.

- Nungin Youth Center for educating the youths exclusively opened on September 11, 2005.
- Nungin Youth School of Buddhist Studies was established to educate young Buddhists,
  and provides many courses for those who are under 40 years old.
- Regular Course: Monday & Wednesday, ten (10) weeks, March and September.
- Goal: Realizing a Buddha nature to believe that our mind connected to the universe and Buddha.