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Meeting of Koreans of Loving Our Rice

The Juridical Corporation, ¡®Meeting of Koreans of Loving Our Rice,¡¯ was
established to promote love for our rice.
To keep our primary food supply independent, our agriculture for rice cultivation should be maintained.

Working projects
- Campaign for promoting ¡®Loving Our Rice¡¯
- Developing new rice products
- Free distribution of rice for the poor
- Alliance programs between city and country
- Others necessary for the purpose of the Meeting
  (under Article 32 of the Civil Code, the Meeting was founded as Juridical Corporation
receiving the supervision of the Secretary of the Ministry of Agriculture
and Fishery on December 29, 2006).

Tel: 82-2-577-6188, 577-5800, ext) 281 / Fax: 82-2-577-2428