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Celebration Preparation Committee

The Committee takes charge of general planning,
designing and producing all celebration events of Nungin Sunwon.
The biggest celebration for Buddhists is Buddha¡¯s Birthday.
The Lotus Lantern Parade held at the Buddha¡¯s Birthday every
year has become a form of religious art, and a national festival for
all Korean people and foreigners residing in Korea as well as Buddhists.
Nungin Sunwon participates in the Lantern Parade every year.

For the Parade, the Committee prepares various shapes of
lanterns such as lotus lanterns, Buddha lanterns, Bodhisattvas lanterns,
and other Buddhist celestial beings lanterns.
The Committee also prepares banners, sound effect music,
and wardrobes for the Parade.
Nungin Sunwon members participate in the Parade by each Class,
Home Dharma Services groups, Youth Group, College Students Group,
Middle & High School Students Group, Elementary
School Students Group, and other groups.
All the members of Nungin Sunwon actively cooperate for the Parade.
Nungin Sunwon has received many awards for excellence
in the Lotus Lantern Parade.