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Sunday Dharma Service

In Sunday Dharma Service, Venerable Jigwang gives insightful
and inspirational sermons about the teachings of Buddha to deliver the essence of Buddhism.

After the Dharma Service, an orientation for first comers to Nungin Sunwon is held.
The orientation consists of a tour to the temple and meeting Venerable Jigwang.

Time: Sunday 10:30 a.m. / Place: Main Dharma Hall


Pilgrimage to visit other temples in Korea is held once a month. Lunch and beverages are provided.

For more information, please call at 82-2-577-5800, ext) 273.

Dharma Service for Children

In the Dharma Service for elementary school children, the priests teach various story
versions of sutras and Buddhist hymns to plant seeds of Buddha into each of them.
Birthday parties, pilgrimage, and many more events are provided.

Time: Sunday 10:30 a.m. / Place: Rooms 301 and 304, General Welfare Services Center

Dharma Service for Middle & High School Students

In addition to teaching Sutras, the students can participate in overnight prayers
and various extra curricular activities such as fusion music, percussion instruments performance (Nan-Ta),
Korean folk musical instruments performance (Sa-Mul-No-Ri), sign language, belly dance,
and more, to grow the seed of Buddhahood. Their talents are shown in Nungin Art Festival and other events.

Time: Sunday 10:30 a.m. / Place: 2ND Fl., Nungin Youth Center

Dharma Service for College Students (DSOCS)

The department of college students at Nungin Sunwon is the meeting
at which the youths of college age student may listen to the dharma talks,
make study of the Buddha's teaching and promote friendship among themselves.

Buddha taught Truth to a young man named Yasha who was wandering,
and led him to be a believer in Buddhism.
Later, all the members of his family joined and played a vital role
in making the foundation of Buddhism.
When the youths come, the foundation of Buddhism will grow stronger.
YBA intends to open the future of Korean Buddhism.

Time: Every Sunday Afternoon 1 O'clock / Place: Nungin Sunwon 3rd Floor at Room #304

URL: http: // neungin.cyworld.com

Dhama Service for Youths

Young Buddhist's Association(YBA) of Nungin Sunwon was established July, 1987.
YBA is performing the chief events and activities according to it's regulations,
and also it is an association which cultivate the mutual friendships between
the members as the fellow students.

As a gathering of the young Buddhist only, it is also the young Buddhist's association
which is solving the concerns and troubles of our youngsters together
with the guidance monk and it is also possessing the nature of vitality of the youth only.

Every week we hold the Saturday Buddhist lecture meeting,
inviting Venerable Jigwang and the guidance monk,
in order to introduce the piety of youthful Buddhist to be strong and steady
and also in order to contribute to the popularization of Buddhism.

We pray to practice Open Mind, Open Gathering all together with our young Buddhists.
We are making efforts so as to realize the posture of the genuine youthful buddhist,
not ceasing only at learning of the doctrine as a buddhist but practicing in the daily life

Time: Every Saturday Afternoon 5 O'clock / Place: Nungin Sunwon Small Dharma Hall

URL: http: // obneungin.cyworld.com

Contents of Activities:

            * Twice a year : Mocojee (M.T.)

Home Dharma Services

Buddhist Home Dharma Services are regional groups consisted of graduates from Nung
In School of Buddhist Studies divided by regions.
Around Seoul, Gyunggi, and Daejeon areas, about 1,000 regional groups are formed,
and led by more than 1000 Nungin Lanterns under the guidance of about 150 Nungin Leaders.
One Nungin Lantern takes care of about 10 members.
All the groups are systematically and voluntarily connected, and became the main structure of Nungin Sunwon.

Once a month, each group meets in the house of one member to hold Home Dharma Service
with listening to an audio tape of a sermon of Venerable Jigwang.
In this service, a family home becomes a Dharma Hall. In this meeting,
Nungin Lanterns distribute various information of Nungin Sunwon to the members, with sharing news of the members.

All members voluntarily participate in all the works of Nungin Sunwon.
As one family and good neighbors, the members make a small Buddha nation under the compassion of Buddha.

Alumni Dharma Service

Each Class of graduates of Nungin School of Buddhist Studies elects president,
vice-president, and managers. The alumni are members of Home Dharma Services,
and volunteer for various events of Nungin Sunwon.

Each Class holds a Dharma Service for the class graduates once a month,
sharing Nungin Sunwon news and promoting friendship.
The Dharma Service of each Class holds every 3rd Wednesday in the Main Dharma Hall.

For more Information, please call at 82-2-577-5800, ext) 226.

Bodhisattva Ordination Ceremony

This Ceremony is held in Spring and Fall, twice a year.
The Ceremony is a pledge to promise Buddha that we will live with observing the commandments
according to the teachings of Buddha.
Venerable Jigwang gives a Buddhist name for those who receive the bodhisattva ordination.
During the Ceremony, the Incense Rite is conducted to extinguish all the past sins and karma.

Maya Society Dharma Services

As graduates of Nungin School of Buddhist Studies, those who are
over 65 can be a member of Maya Society. As of April 2007,
the number of members of Maya Society is about 130. The Society holds a Dharma Service
once a month where Venerable Jigwang gives a sermon.
As respected senior group, the members play an active role in all the events of Nungin Sunwon,
and diligently practice for the Pure Land of Utmost Bliss.

When: 10:30 a.m., Every 3rd Thursday / Where: Education Hall