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Educational Programs

Nungin Sunwon provides systematic education about Buddhism to uplift the Compassion of Buddha, and propagate Buddhism in life.

First Class of Nungin School of Buddhist Studies was begun with forty seven (47) students in 1986. Now, the School became the largest school of Buddhist in Korean Buddhism, each class sending out almost 3,000 graduates.

Nungin School of Advanced Buddhist Studies

This course aims to raise professionals to propagate Buddhism through advanced studies on Buddhism.
Well educated and trained Buddhists are a key to propagate the teachings of Buddha to the world,
and so the goal of this course is to raise such Buddhist professionals.

Renowned priests and scholars teach propagation methods and psychology as well as Sutras.
The graduates are eligible to take the Dharma Instructor Qualification Exam.
Those who pass the Exam receive the Certificate of Dharma Instructor after doing volunteer activities
for two (2) years.

Education Schedule

Items Schedule
Class Term Two (2) years/Four (4) semesters (starts every January and July)
Class Time Tuesday 7:00 p.m. ~ 9:50 p.m.
Qualification Those who studied in Sutra Seminars for more than one year.
Educational Contents ntroduction to Buddhism, Buddhist Architecture, Korean Buddhism, Chinese Buddhism,
Pure Land Doctrine, Esoteric Buddhism, Japanese Buddhism, History of Indian Buddhism,
Buddhist Arts, Mahayana Buddhism, Consciousness Only Doctrine,
Sutra of the Garland of Buddha, Lotus Sutra, and others

For more information, please call to the Diamond Association at 82-2-577-5800, ext) 273 or 227.