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Title: Pain and Joy are inherently One (Commentary on Thousand Eyes and Hands Sutra) (1994)
This is a dictation version of recording Ven. Ji-Kwang's lecture for the public on the
sutra of the Thousand-Hand Kwan-eum (Avalokiteshvara in S.)
which is regarded as one of the most important Buddhist scriptures.
As it is representation of Kuan-yin an actual voice of Kwan-eum and the treasury of
immeasurable virtue, those who recite, understand and practice the teaching of
this scripture should be rewarded with his virtue and protection.
Ven. Ji-Kwang sermoned this scripture by classifying its contents into 11 chapters:
preface, awakening, vow, darani, practic e, repentance, reward of virtue, mantra,
enlightenment, wishfulness, effort.
8th ed. 2000/4/1 (382 Pages) Price : \ 10,000

Title: Songs of a Monk (Dharma essays collection 1 (1990))
This is a collection of his essays in which he sets forth his will to Buddhism of vitality,
Buddhism of livelihood, and Buddhism of modernity. He say in this book:
"Buddhism should be truely renovated. Just like we wear spring dress in spring,
and wear summer dress in summer, we should reform Buddhism to make it exercise
meaningful role in this tumultuous age."
7th ed. 1994/9/10 (303 pages) Price: \ 8,000

Title: Tomorrow¡¯s Door opens by Prayer (Dharma essays collection 2) (1991)
A collection of descriptive essays comprising Ven. Ji-Kwang's own experiences
associated with prayer. It is well known that his daily lives begin and end with
devotional prayer.

12th ed. 1998/4/1 (305Pages) Price: \ 8,000

Title: You and I are not Two (Commentary on Prayer Chanting Text) (1993)
From the worship of the Sam-bo (the Three Jewels) to making vow, all sorts of
regulations for religious lives of the Buddhists are contained in this volume.
Ven. Ji-Kwang re-interpreted Buddhist ceremonial regulations in his informative,
up-to-date style..

8th ed. 1998/3/5 (331Pages) Price: \ 9,000

Title: Star, I and dear Buddha (Doctrinal Text 2) (2000)
The universe is our homeland: Human beings travel endless journey revolving the
six conditions of sentient beings in the three realm and finally attain the buddhahood.
The Buddha leads us to cultivate and find the innate Buddha-nature by
ourselves through cordial instructions.

1st ed. 2000/3/3 (413pages) Pricw : \ 12,000

Title: Those who Give up Big Win Big (Dharma essays collection 3) (1991)
To take care of others is itself to take care of me. What I give others would in the long
run return to me. Giving things away is not your loss but your gain. If you give what
you think is the most precious thing, from the instance your life will be fundamentally
changed. The great names of history were those who gave away, and thereby were
greatly rewarded. This book will show you the way leading to a hero in the true sense.

6th ed. 1995/12/28 (337pages) Price : \ 9,000

Title: Vimalakirt¡¯s Light illuminating this World (Commentary on Vimalakirti sutra) (2000)
The sermon of Yu-Ma to the effect that "as sentient beings suffer disease, so do I"
clearly shows bodhisattva's attitude. These days we see the downfall of the authority
of the Buddhist order and the corruption of priests.
This book helps lay people to realize the importance of Buddhists' practice

1st ed 2000/6/11 (232pages) Price : \ 7,500

Title: Toward Eternity Toward Nirvana (Doctrinal Text 1) (1991)
In case a fire is put out, has it gone forever? Of course not. When you need it,
you can make it anytime and anywhere. It's the same case as the Buddha dharma.
Even though he passed away some 1,500 years ago, all sentient beings can obtain
buddhahood by tracing back to his footsteps. That's why we learn and practice the
teachings of the Buddha.

14th ed. 2000/3/3 (468pages) Price : \ 11,000