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Brief Introduction for Venerable Jigwang

- Superior of Nungin Sunwon
- Symbol of Education, Practice, Service, and Propagation Buddhism
- Born at Wonju, Gangwon Province, Republic of Korea, in 1950

Academic Background

- Seoul High School, Seoul, Republic of Korea
- Bachelor, English Language and Literature, Korea National Open University, Seoul, Republic of Korea
- Master, Zen Studies, Graduate School of Buddhist Studies, Dongguk University, Seoul, Republic of Korea
- Master, Religious Studies, Seoul National University, Seoul, Republic of Korea
- Honorary Doctorate of Philosophy, Mahachulahongkornrajavidyalaya University, Bangkok, Thailand
- Passed through the doctoral course of Religious Studies Seoul National University, Seoul, Republic of Korea and currently preparing a doctoral dissertation.


- Journalist, Hankook Daily News, Korea Times
- Monk, Hermetic seminaries in Mountain Jiri & Dukyoo
- Superior, Nungin Sunwon in Seocho-dong, Seoul (1984)
- Chief Director, Nungin General Welfare Services Center (1988)
- President, International Graduate School and College of Buddhism
- Member, 12th Central Committee, Jo Gye Order
- Adjunct professor, Graduate School of Buddhism, Dongguk University (2000)
- Dharma Inherited the Vinaya Lineage from Venerable Bosung, Songgwang Temple (1995)
- Currently, Superior of Nungin Sunwon


- ¡®True Nature of Korean Buddhism,¡¯ Andover Hall, Harvard University, USA (2000)
- ¡®We are Creatures of Imaged Self,¡¯ Princeton University, USA (2002)
- ¡®Path of the Bodhisattva,¡¯ Yenching Institute Hall, Harvard University, USA
- Lectured at Saam United Meeting, Flushing High School Main Hall, New York, USA
- Lectured at Bulgwang Temple, New York, USA
- Lectured at Moonsu Temple, Boston, MA, USA
- Lectured (in English), World Youth Forum of Buddhism (2004)
- ¡®One Thought & Mind (in English),¡¯ Sorbonne University, Paris, France (2007)


- Winner of the Propagation Award of Korean Jogye Order (1999)
- Winner of the Social Welfare Group Award of Jogye Order (2003)
- Merit-Accredited Person for Democratization from the Korean Government (2005)


- Songs of a Monk (Dharma essays collection 1 (1990)
- Tomorrow¡¯s Door opens by Prayer (Dharma essays collection 2) (1991)
- Toward Eternity Toward Nirvana (Doctrinal Text 1) (1991)
- Those who Give up Big Win Big (Dharma essays collection 3) (1991)
- You and I are not Two (Commentary on Prayer Chanting Text) (1993)
- Pain and Joy are inherently One (Commentary on Thousand Eyes and Hands Sutra) (1994)
- Eternal Light of Life (Commentary on Amithaba Sutra & Amitayurdhyana Sutra) (2000)
- Star, I and dear Buddha (Doctrinal Text 2) (2000)
- Vimalakirt¡¯s Light illuminating this World (Commentary on Vimalakirti sutra) (2000)
- Moxibustion and Truth of Great Universe (Moxibustion Manual) (2001)
- That Deep Blue Sky and I are One (Commentary on The Heart of the Prajnaparamita Sutra) (2002)
- Daybreak¡¯s Heroes Walking Eternity (Daybreak sermons collection 1) (2003)
- Launching a New Boat on the Daybreak Sea (Daybreak sermons collection 2) (2004)
- Seeker who loved Eternity (Dharma essays collection 4) (2005)
- Young Buddha (Text for Nungin Youth School of Buddhist Studies) (2006)
- Eternal Diligence Eternal Progress (Text 1 for Nungin Cyber School) (2006)
- Basic Doctrines of Buddhism for Cyber School (Text 2 for Nungin Cyber School) (2006)
- Eternal World of Mind (Commentary on the Diamond Sutra) (2006)