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Mind would be a word for you to hear most frequently if you begin to understand Buddhism.

We can say that Buddhas 84,000 teachings can all boil down to this very single word Mind ().

Buddhism places the mind of each individual at the center of all things, whereas other religions have the objective existence of God as the basis of all problems of the world and mankind.

The Avatamsaka Sutra describes this as all kinds of worlds lie only in the Mind (߲ͣ). The Lankavatara Sutra says that Mind is like a mechanic which makes all things ().

As shown in these teachings, Mind not only has a cognitive function but also is the subject and source of cosmic life that creates and changes all laws.

Buddhism asks us to stop blaming objects and clinging to objects. Happiness and unhappiness are only results of the mind.

Heaven, hell, Buddha, or devil, everything only appears at the center of the mind. Buddhism teaches not to consider them as something external outside the mind.

While sharing laughs and tears with novice Buddhists here in America with following the teachings of Buddha, I like to say that the laws outside the world are not different from those inside the mind.

Each day, I pray Buddha to open the Americans' minds enough to hear Buddhas teachings.