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  1) Gaepo-Dong Temple (1. 21)
2) Guknyeongsa Branch (1. 22)
3) Deungryongsa Branch (1. 23)
4) Yongjangsa Branch (1. 24)
5) Seokryongsa Branch (1. 25)
6) Overseas Branches (1. 26)
7) Sanctuary in Samsung Medical Center (1. 27)
Yong Heung Temple, Thailand Branch of Nungin Sunwon(Zen Center)
This Temple opened in January 2004 to propagate Korean Buddhism through the School of Buddhism. Thailand is a historical Buddhist nation, and so this Temple has a unique meaning as a Korean temple established in the original Buddhist nation.

This Temple became a base for assisting Korean Buddhists in Thailand
and for propagating Korean Buddhism in East Asia.
The Temple holds Morning Prayer, New Year Prayer,
Full Moon Prayer, Kshitigarbha Prayer, and Avalokitesvara Prayer. Also, the
Temple holds Dharma Services for Spirit Purifying Rite, Ancestral Rite, and 100th Day Prayer.

Address: 42/2 Sukhumvit Soi64, Banjak, Phrakanong Bangkok,10260, Thailand
For more information, please call at 66-2-741-4761.

Bul Gwang Temple, Tianjin Branch of Nungin Sunwon(Zen Center), China
This temple was established in January 2006, to help practices of many Buddhist Koreans in Tianjin, China.

The Temple provides classes about Buddhism, Sunday Dharma Services,
New Year Prayer, 100th-Day Prayers to propagate Koreans living in China.
Only, China is still a communist country, and so religion is not greatly revived yet.
Historically, though, China has been a Buddhist country for thousand years,
and so the Government is using Buddhism to solidify different peoples and make one China today.

Address(): 66ȣ ȸ 3
For more information, please call at 86-2306-5066.

Bul Gwang Temple, Toronto Branch of Nungin Sunwon(Zen Center), Canada
This Temple was established in January 2007, to promote propagation of Korean Buddhism in North America.

The Temple holds Sunday Dharma Services, Dharma Services for Youth,
and a Korean language class for immigrant children.
Also, the temple has an active Sa-mul-no-ri team (Korean folk musical instruments ensemble)
and a Buddhism Museum open to public.

Address : 2588 St. Clair Ave., W. Toronto, Ontario M6N 1L9
For more information, please call at 1-416-769-1874.

New York Branch of Nungin Sunwon(Zen Center), Tuxedo, USA
This Branch was established in April 2007 to make it the stepping stone for Korean Buddhism to spread out to the world.

The Branch will provide the Americans with an opportunity to study Buddhism and raise future leaders of the Buddhist community.

Also, the Branch will open New York International University (NYIU) that is a
College of Buddhism and Temple at the same time, for introducing excellence of Korean Buddhism
and advancing globalization of Buddhism.

New York Branch will propagate Buddhism, tutor Meditation Practice, organize Temple Stay,
and teach oriental medicine and oriental studies to the Americans.
Thus, New York Branch will play a vital role in planting Korean Buddhism in the world through
the research and publication of Buddhism related texts and books.
We hope it becomes a Buddhism Center of the World as well as the community.

Address: 371 Route 17A. Tuxedo NY 10987 U.S.A.
For more information, please call at 1-845-351-2205 / 5143 / 5243.