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Suk Ryoung Temple, Ilsan Branch of Nungin Sunwon(Zen Center) - History

The temple opened in April 2004, and is situated in Ilsan whose east side is Mt. Bukhan that holds Kuk Nyeong Temple in its arms, and whose south side is Han River.

This temple was established for propagating Buddhism to new cities in the north Metropolitan area, and has been a compassionate seminary praying true penitence.

The Temple starts a day with early morning prayer and late morning prayer.
For 4th ~ 13th day of the lunar calendar every month, the Temple holds a special Prayer
Dharma Service for repenting all of our sins that we have committed consciously
and unconsciously in this life and our infinite previous lives.
Every Saturday, the Temple provides classes for Basic Doctrines of Buddhism and Sutra Seminars.
Once a month, Venerable Jigwang visits the Temple to deliver a sermon.

Penitence Prayer for Compassion

Penitence Prayer for Compassion is a repenting prayer with promising ourselves to dissolve past karmas, to learn the cause and effect law, and not to commit sins again, through reciting Sutras and bowing.

This method of Prayer was first made by Emperor Wu of the Liang Dynasty when his empress
who was then deceased came back in the form of a snake, and begged him to redeem her of her past sins.
He did this prayer, and his late wife could go to the Heaven. Such merits can be obtained through this Prayer.
Those who do this Prayer will achieve divine virtues and extinguish their sins.
It is believed that guiding the dead through this Prayer can free them from anguish.
The Prayer consists of ten (10) scriptures, one a day, and is held for ten (10) consecutive days.

For more information, please call at 82-31-962-7557.