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Deung Ryoung Temple, Kwan Ak Branch of Nungin Sunwon(Zen Center) - History

This temple was established in Sillim-dong students village in Spring 2002, for propagating Buddhism to bright your people, among whom many pass various exams each year, to become higher ranking public officials.

Venerable Jigwang established the temple with a hope that by providing Buddhist training to those bright young people soon to be higher ranking government officials, they will be front runners to propagate Buddhism in the government.

Monk Hye Gak first managed the temple, followed by Monk Duk Yoon,
and Monk Sung Woo now takes charge of the temple.

The temple specializes in a prayer for those students at 6 a.m., every day.

Venerable Jigwang lectures 7:00 - 9:00 p.m., 3rd Sunday of each month.
And, many distinguished lecturers offer their time and effort for the students.
The temple tries to become the cradle for modern Buddhism, and devotes
to help those students fulfill their dreams and ideals.

For more information, please call at 82-2-879-5890.