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Kuk Nyung Temple, Mt. Bukhan Branch of Nungin Sunwon(Zen Center) - History

Kuk Nyung Temple is situated under Ui Sang Ridge of Mt. Bukhan that is a noted mountain in north Seoul, the capital of the Republic of Korea.

Ui Sang Ridge is famous as a practicing location of Great Venerable Ui Sang who is the supreme patriarch of the Flower Garland School of Silla Dynasty along with Venerable Won Hyo, one of the two highest kalyamitra in the Korean Buddhism history.

On the opposite side of the Mountain, Won Hyo Ridge harbors Won Hyo Cave, also famous as a practicing place of the highest priests.

Kuk Nyung Temple is a thousand-year-old practice seminary that had long been used by Ui Sang,
Won Hyo, and many other great Buddhist monks including Great Venerable Sa Myung.

By Venerable Sa Myung, Kuk Nyung Temple became an edifice having 86 rooms as a Nation-Protecting
Monastery for training monk soldiers. He is said to have made a premonition
that if Kuk Nyung Temple prospers, the country will prosper; if it falls, the country will fall as well.
Venerable Sa Myeong constructed 10 Nation-Protecting Monasteries that symbolize ¡°10 Heavens (Universe),¡±
at important locations of Mt. Bukhan. An ancient document states that Venerable Seong Nung
who was in charge of fortifying Mt. Bukhan Wall as commander-in-chief in 1711
(37th year of King Suk Jong¡¯s Reign),
Venerable Cheongwhi, and Venerable Cheolseon rebuilt the Temple in 1713.
Notably, the Buddha¡¯s image on a cliff near the Temple is guessed to date back to Goryeo Dynasty,
suggesting that this place was a well known location for Buddhist monks, even long before the document recorded.
However, Kuk Nyung Temple came to ruin during the wars in the recent Korean history.

Venerable Jigwang wished that the divine power of Buddha bless this nation and
the whole world with peace and immaculate lights.
Thus, he conducted historical research on Kuk Nyung Temple,
and received the Government¡¯s permission for restoration of the Temple in 1998.
At last, with many people¡¯s wishes of building a holy sanctuary for all Koreans,
the restoration was completed in October 2004.

Now, Kuk Nyung Temple spirited of Nation-Defending Buddhism became
an unpolluted resting place for all sentient beings,
with the power of vow for making this nation peaceful and lightening every corner of the world
with the Buddha's teachings, under the great power of Buddha.

Kuk Nyung Temple was possible with dedications of many donors and participants.
May all those who pray at the Temple be with blessings of Buddha!



Kuk Nyung Grand Buddha Statue
Yongchul Peak is a place where a subtle and divine spirit dwells. According to a legend, the Peak is
known as a spot where a dragon ascended from heaven.

Kuk Nyung Grand Buddha Statue stands on a place symbolizing the dragon¡¯s heart below the Peak.
It is the largest seated figure of Buddha not only in Korea but also in the East Asia, 24 meters in height.

Kuk Nyung Grand Buddha Statue is the protector of Mt. Samgak, Seoul, and the whole metropolitan area.
About a half of the Korean population live in this metropolitan area, and breathe the sublime energy from Mt. Samgak.
This is why many Buddhists wished and vowed to enshrine the foremost Buddha statue on Mt. Samgak.
The form of an Elysian Buddha with joined palms is hard to find elsewhere, only some at Ajanta in India,
and Dunhuang in China. Such form of Buddha was enshrined to awaken the spirits of all beholders wishing
to bow all sentient beings with joined palms, once they look at the Buddha, and also to show the vow of Buddha of treating all sentient beings as Buddha himself.

Ten thousand Buddha statues surrounding the Grand Statue signify an eternal testament of devotion to the main Buddha.
The sight of the tallest Buddha Statue in East Asia with ten thousand surrounding statutes is very unique and rare.
May the Grand Buddha and ten thousand Buddhas bless all who pray here with infinite blessings.
The sight of the Buddha at daybreak and sunset is especially inspiring eternal glory.
Pray here at the Temple of enabling countless miracles, and achieve all your wishes.

For more information, please call at 82-2-387-0743.