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  1) Gaepo-Dong Temple (1. 21)
2) Guknyeongsa Branch (1. 22)
3) Deungryongsa Branch (1. 23)
4) Yongjangsa Branch (1. 24)
5) Seokryongsa Branch (1. 25)
6) Overseas Branches (1. 26)
7) Sanctuary in Samsung Medical Center (1. 27)
Gaepo-Dong Temple
Gaepo-dong Temple of Nungin Sunwon is a new dimensional sanctuary to dedicate Buddha¡¯s
teachings back to the society, and a seminary to practice Buddhism in life and receive needs of our times.

3RD Fl.:
Lecture Room of social education programs, Counseling Room, File Room, Psychology Examination Room,
Room for Volunteers, After Hours Study Room, and Meditation Room.

2ND Fl.:
Lecture Room of social education programs, Job Training Room, Information Technology Office,
and Physical Therapy Room.

Ground level:
Welfare Services Center Office, Childcare Center, and Grand-Buddha Square.

1ST Fl. below ground: Quarters of the Priests, Management Office, Credit Union, Meeting Room,
Marriage Counseling Room, Newspaper Editorial Office, Promotion and Publication Office, Training Center,
Sutra-copying Center, Training Institute, Office of the Incorporated Foundation, and Charnel Room.

2ND Fl., below ground: Main Dharma Hall, Small Dharma Hall, Information Desk, and Reception Desk.

3RD Fl., below ground: Cafeteria, Kitchen, Store (Book & Souvenir), Nungin Cooperative Society (Blue Country),
Elysian Hall, Lavatory, Diamond Society, Nungin Mutual Aid Society, and Meeting Room.

4TH & 5TH Fl., below ground: Machines Room, and Parking Lot.

¢º Tel : 82-2-577-5800


Sakyamuni Buddha Hall

Main Dharma Hall enshrines Sakyamuni Buddha, and is a huge room of 3,300§³for prayer and education.

Avalokitesvara Hall

Small Dharma Hall enshrines Avalokitesvara Bodhisattva that was enshrined in the Seocho-dong Temple.
Morning Prayer is held in the Hall at 9 a.m., every day.

Amitabha Buddha Hall

Ksitigarbha Bodhisattva resides in this room, and all ancestral rites & offerings are held in this room.