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Welfare Foundation, Incorporated Foundation,
Nungin Sunwon

Founding Purposes

Nungin Sunwon was founded as a practice seminary for
raising Buddhists, propagating Buddhism,
and providing general welfare services, based on
Wisdom and Compassion taught by Buddha.

The Center proclaims Buddhism in life, that is, life with prayers, life with Sunday Dharma Services,
activation of regional meetings, and social services, so as to contribute modernization, popularization,
and globalization of Korean Buddhism.

Also, the Centers educate Buddhists to understand Buddhism¡¯s scientific, rational, and superior
characteristics through systematic educations, so that they can actively and positively participate
in building Buddha¡¯s Land from fortune-seeking Buddhism.


Incorporated Foundation, Nungin Sunwon
Incorporated Foundation, Nungin Buddhism Promotion Institute (Religious Foundation)
Welfare Foundation Nungin Sunwon
Educational Foundation Korea Educational Institute
Nungin General Welfare Services Center
Nungin Credit Union